Lincoln Cursillo
Issue #90
February 2018
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 Christmas has been and gone, I do hope you have had a good one. I can’t believe that we are nearly in Lent, by the time you read this we will be in Lent, and living out our Fourth Day as time for us to reflect and prepare ourselves for Easter.

It is also a time when your Secretariat are preparing for the AGM. As most of you know each year at the AGM some Cursillistas come to the end of their three year period of office, so the posts need filling. This year Heather stands down as secretary, Susanne as Publicity Rep and John as Palanca Rep and Jeff should be standing down as Spiritual Director.

Do you feel you are able to do one these roles? Oh, not me I hear the shouts, but we do need a full Secretariat for Cursillo to function.

 I know it is easy to feel daunted when faced with the thought of taking on any role or task we are not sure off. We need to constantly remind ourselves that, ‘Christ and I are an overwhelming majority.’ It is in putting our active trust in Christ that we are released from fear and enabled to do his will. ‘Let go and let God.’

We are not the only ones to cry ‘Oh not Me.’ The pages of scripture are full of people who felt the same. Moses being one, he heard God’s call to him. His response was, ‘Who am I, that I should go to Pharaoh and bring the Israelites out of Egypt? God replied, ‘I will be with you,’ (Exodus 3. 11-12) The conversation continued and Moses and persisted in wanting to avoid His calling. ‘Oh, my Lord, please send someone else.’

Moses did accept in the end, just as God promised Moses, ‘I will be you,’ I have found by experience, that God keeps that promise to be with us when we accept his call.

I pray that you may be attentive to God’s call, to hear his cry, ‘Whom shall I send?’ That you may be ready to respond in faith and trust, ‘Here I am Lord.’

That cry may be for being on the Secretariat or looking at some form of ministry. It is scary, but it is safe, because He will be with us.

You can find the job descriptions for the Secretariat on our web page. Please let me know if you feel you are able to fill one of these roles.

Ultreya Blessings



 It's all go!

 It seems a long time since my last report, which was in September 2017.

Another church year began in Advent, we've seen the start of some of the events in the life of Jesus. A lot of travelling has occurred. Joseph has escorted Mary to Bethlehem, where Jesus was born, has been properly swaddled and placed in a manger. There he was seen by the far travelling Magi.

 For us it was time travel, as we jumped forward to his baptism by his cousin John,

and as we hopped back, just in time, to join Simeon and Anna as they witnessed Jesus being presented to God in the temple at Jerusalem.

 As I write, it's Ash Wednesday at the beginning of Lent. This evening, many Christians will receive communion before receiving a cross on our foreheads as a sign of our penitence and of our faith. In Lent, we often concentrate too much on giving something up, and not enough on preparation for the Passion of our Lord.

 In the time of the early church, Lent may originally have followed Epiphany, just as Jesus’ sojourn in the wilderness followed immediately on his baptism. However, it soon became firmly attached to Easter, becoming the principal occasion for baptism, & for the reconciliation of those who had been excluded from the Church’s fellowship for apostasy or serious faults.

The characteristic notes of Lent became: self-examination, penitence, self-denial, study,

and preparation for Easter. To these the giving of alms was traditionally added.

 This was written in Latin, & is dated as before 12th century:

“Now is the healing time decreed 
for sins of heart and word and deed,
when we in humble fear record
the wrong that we have done the Lord.”

Lent is not just about giving up chocolate, or alcohol, or anything else. It's actually much harder than that. It's about preparing ourselves to see again the Easter Passion events.

Those events are mind-blowing, really. Just think about the life and ministry of Jesus.

He travelled about teaching and healing, he performed miracles to help others. In return for putting their needs before his own, he was turned in by a friend, beaten up, whipped, and tortured to death.     

 In order to appreciate the gift he offers, we need to witness again his suffering, absorb his Passion. Then we can realise that his resurrection was real, and is not only possible for us, but is actually offered to anyone who denies themselves and reaches out to him.

That involves living a Christian life, truly loving our neighbour as ourselves, and that's the call of Lent.

                               So again as Dickens' “Tiny Tim” says:

                                “God bless us, each and every one.”



Winter Event Reflections

 Our Cursillo winter event was a most wonderful day and it was a privilege for me to preside at the opening Eucharist service for the first time for Lincoln Diocese Cursillo. What made it even more special was the theme ‘joining the journey’ chosen for the day by our guest speaker David Redrobe.

 Nearly everyone at this event has known me since my Cursillo weekend #29 (some for quite a while longer).  I attended the Cursillo weekend when I was discerning my vocation to the priesthood, so Lincoln Cursillo members have not only watched my faith and vocational journey, but have also walked alongside and supported me throughout the journey.

 Our speaker gave us two very thought-provoking talks which prompted much discussion in our smaller groups and buzz about the hall. Much was discussed about pilgrimages (physical and spiritual), the nature of our own faith journey’s, our belief about our own faith and Christian life, our experiences of different styles of prayer (Contemplative prayer/Lectio Divina/Julian prayer) and those climaxes and ruts we encounter along the way.

 Something that David Redrobe put across really struck a chord with me, especially at this stage of my journey as a curate in training; “if you think you know it all or have all the answers you’re dead. If you are unsure, doubting, searching, and/or learning you are truly alive” (paraphrased David Redrobe, 10th Feb 2018, Bailgate Methodist church, Lincoln, Cursillo winter event).

 From this I believe that if we think we know all there is to know about God, we have gone very much astray. Our life with God is a relationship, and just like any relationship in our lives, we do not know all the answers, we are not constantly certain, it is a living relationship in which we are always learning and searching for ways to grow closer. A relationship is in it’s very essence ‘living’. And so too, our Christian faith, our relationship with God is also by its very essence a living faith. So as David Redrobe challenged us; “we as a Church are to celebrate our living faith” (paraphrased David Redrobe, 10th Feb 2018, Bailgate Methodist church, Lincoln, Cursillo winter event).

 I have very much taken this away with me and am still chewing it over. Surely, if our faith is living, that means that it is not static, that it is a constantly growing and evolving faith as we grow and evolve in our lives, churches and communities. How do we celebrate our living faith? How do we share the living Christian faith with those around us? What does this look like in our own contexts?

 As always, our Cursillo event has nourished me, nurturing my faith and vocational journey through the sharing of the Eucharist, a thought provoking presentation, discussions, and through loving fellowship. And as always after spending time with fellow Cursillo pilgrims, I came away fully refreshed and buzzing with excitement for sharing our living faith with all whom I meet.


Trudy Hobson



The Autumn 2017 edition is available from here

AGM & Ulterya

24 March

Bailgate Methodist Church


10.30 for 11.00





Bring & Share Lunch




Publicity Rep

The position of Publicity Rep will become vacant at the AGM. This is not a difficult job and as with all secretariat jobs only last for three years (which will fly by).

 You will need to produce an article for 'Crosslinks' twice a year (before and after a weekend) or occasionally more often if there is something happening that could be of interest to the diocese.

 You need to encourage all Cursillistas to keep all posters and leaflets up to date with correct details on and replace them if they look scruffy. Also encourage Cursillistas to talk about Cursillo at their PCC's, Deanery Synod and any other meeting they can think of.

Attend Secretariat meetings.

 Palanca Rep

The post of Palanca Rep also becomes vacant at the AGM.  For this post you are the coordinator for the receiving and the sending of Weekend Palanca with other Cursillo Groups. This is done usually by email and you will need to be proficient with doing so as well as printing the palanca you receive for our weekends.

Notifications of forth coming weekends are shown in the BACC website and you will need to inform them of our weekends. The sending of Palanca can be in conjunction with the publication of the Imp Sheet. You need to inform members of the Servant Community of the weekends that have been sent Palanca. This can by emailing the Group Reunion Convenors or the editor/s of the Newsletter and the Website.

You act as the co-ordinator with the Palanca Imp and if necessary the Website Editor for forthcoming weekend with the producing of the Prayer Vigil sheet.

Secretary and Spiritual Director

Both these posts are also due for renewal, though the SD is a Bishops appointment.

Please do not wait till the AGM to think about them. There are a couple of simple checks that have to be done prior to the AGM.  More details can be found on the website or by contacting the appropriate rep. 


Lincoln Cursillo Facebook is a closed Group for members of Lincoln Cursillo.
If you wish to join the group please contact your Reunion Group Leader
or a member of the Secretariat and they will pass on the request.



Please order through Janet Shephardson.

7, Saddle Close, Goxhill, N. Lincs. DN19 7GB.  Tel. 01469 530896.

Email to for an order form 

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The following Weekends have been sent a Palanca Poster from Lincoln Cursillo.

Please support them with Palanca prayer.




 1-4 March

Scotland #66

5-8 April

Blackburn #65

 12-15 April

 Durham #27

 19-22 April

 Derby #19 Oxford #19

3-6 May

Leeds #3

10-13 May

St. Davids #21 Canterbury #58

17-20 May

Coventry #48  Peterborough #12

24-27 May

Chelmsford #36  Chester #56

25-28 May

Southwell and Nottingham #74

31 May-3 June

Chichester #29  London #32 
York #27

Conveners for Reunion Groups


Jacqui Morton

01507 622639


Angela Simcox

01158 748249

Caythorpe & Claypole  Libby Mason  01636 627178
Coastal   Mike Hollings 01754 768561

East Wolds

John Pollard

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Marilyn Reeve

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Lawres & Lincoln  Janis Daly  01522 820105 

N. Hykeham

Hetty Naylor

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Stuart Duff

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Lay Dir

Sandra Smith

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Spiritual Dir

Jeff Wilson

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Heather Morton

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Scott Gardiner

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Marilyn Reeve

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Weekend Rep

John Scott

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4th Day Rep

Cheryl Levick

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B.A.C.C. Rep

Rosemary Spray

01777 816048


Susanne Wills

01400 272777

Palanca Rep

John Pollard

01205 822958

Webb editor

John Pollard

01205 822958

Imp Sheet editor

John Pollard

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 Kath Wells

01469 531642


23rd – 25th March 2018 Shepherds Dene, Riding Mill, Northumberland.

28th – 30th September 2018 Purely Chase, Athertone, Warwickshire.

22nd - 24th March 2019, Wistaston Hall, Crewe, Cheshire.

If you are interested in attending a weekend please contact the BACC Rep Rosemary Spray  (see above) and she will make the necessary arrangements. Please don't contact the venue directly.


Lincoln Cursillo Dates


10 March

9.30 for 10.00–12.30


Bailgate Methodist

24 March

 AGM & Ulterya
Bailgate Methodist
10.30 for 11.00 AGM
12.00 Eucharist
13.00 Bring & Share Lunch
14.15-15.30 Ultreya

16 June

Summer Event

Waltham, Grimsby

 14 July

9.30 for 10.00–12.30


Bailgate Methodist

 3-6 August

 Lincoln #34

Bishop Grosseteste 

18 August

What's Next 

Bailgate Methodist

1 September

National Ultreya 


13 October 

9.30 for 10.00–12.30


Bailgate Methodist

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