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 Lincoln Cursillo Linc and Imp Sheets
November 2019      PDF      Nov 2019
March 2019      PDF      Mar 2019
February 2018  MSW    PDF    Web Feb 2018
September 2017  MSW    PDF    Web Sep 2017
February 2017  MSW   PDF    Web Feb 2017
November 2016  MSW    PDF     Web Nov 2016
July 2016  MSW    PDF     Web Jul 2016 
March 2016  MSW   PDF      Mar 2016
December 2015  MSW   PDF      Dec 2015
August 2015  MSW    PDF      Aug 2015
May 2015  MSW    PDF     May 2015
February 2015  MSW    PDF      Feb 2015
October 2014 MSW

Oct 2014
July 2014  MSW   PDF     Jul 2014
April 2014 MSW   PDF     Apr 2014
February 2014 MSW   PDF     Feb 2014


Printing a Document as a booklet      PDF      Dec 2015
Lincoln Cursillo 3 fold Leaflet MSW   PDF     Aug 2019
Lincoln Cursillo Clergy Information   MSW   PDF     May 2019
BACC  Anglican Cursillo Leaflet
MSW   PDF     Oct 2014
Cursillo Article for Parish Magazines  MSW   PDF     Mar 2016
Clothing Order Form    MSW
  PDF      Jun 2018
 Clothing Leaflet
  PDF      Jun 2018
 Lincoln Cursillo DVD         Video  Oct 2014
BACC Poster      PDF  
Feb 2014
 BACC Poster with diocesan label
MSW    PDF  
Apr 2019
Palanca Poster  MSW    PDF      Oct 2014
Palanca Anglican Poster  MSW    PDF      Aug 2015
 Planning an Ultreya
MSW   PDF     Jan 2016
Ultreya Group Reunion Card 
    PDF     Feb 2014

Secretariat Job Descriptions
Spiritual Director
MSW   PDF     Feb 2014
Lay Director  MSW   PDF     Feb 2014
Secretary  MSW   PDF     Feb 2014
 Treasurer  MSW   PDF     Feb 2014
Pre-Cursillo Rep  MSW   PDF     Feb 2014
Weekend Rep  MSW   PDF     Feb 2014
4th Day Rep  MSW   PDF     Feb 2014
Palanca Rep  MSW    PDF      Jan 2018
BACC Rep  MSW   PDF     Feb 2014
Publicity Rep  MSW   PDF     Feb 2014
 Safeguarding Co-ordinator MSW   PDF     Draft 
Newsletter Editor  MSW    PDF      Jan 2018
Weekend Application Forms
Form A - Sponsor
MSW   PDF     Oct 2019
Form B - Pilgrim  MSW   PDF     Oct 2019
Form C - Clergy
MSW   PDF     Oct 2019
Notes for Sponsors  MSW   PDF     Feb 2014
 Prayer Vigil Thursday Start MSW          May 2016
Prayer Vigil Friday Start  MSW          May 2016
 Way of the Cross
Infomation MSW          Mar 2017
 The Way of the Cross Booklet MSW          Mar 2017
Note to the Spiritual Advisor  MSW          Mar 2017
Words MSW          Mar 2017
PowerPoint         Web  Mar 2017
When downloading the PowerPoint it should open in a web page and you need to click the down load link. It is stored in Google Drive and you may be asked to update your internet programme.

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