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When at Secretariat, John Pollard says the words, ‘I am planning to get an Imp sheet out.’ He is saying please can I have your letter!

It was a joy a couple of weeks ago to be at the Autumn Ultreya at Hibaldstow. Thank you to Stuart, Lesley and the Scunthorpe reunion group for planning the Ultreya. An uplifting service, in which Jeff reminded us about what Cursillo is. Then Kath’s powerful witness talk. I am sure we can all relate to situations that Kath spoke off on her faith journey, a reminder of how we move on. Thank you, Kath.

We are called to prayer, study and action. Prayer and study times can be quite powerful when we spend time waiting on the Lord. Recently, while I was feeling some pressure and being pulled in many directions, during my prayer time I was led to a prayer. I use the Celtic Daily prayer book, The Journey Begins, which I feel quite helpful. Here is the prayer:

Lord, help me now to unclutter my life,

to organise myself in the direction of simplicity.

Lord, teach me to listen to my heart;

teach me to welcome change, instead of fearing it.

Lord, I give you the stirrings inside me.

I give you my discontent,

I give you my restlessness,

I give you my doubt,

I give you my despair,

I give you all the longings I hold inside.

Help me to listen to these signs of change, of growth;

to listen seriously and follow where they lead

through the breathtaking empty space of an open door.


Yes, by waiting on the Lord he does speak to us. This prayer helped me hand over the following concerns:

You will be reading in this Imp sheet David’s report on our finances, as things are he feels that after #34 we may not be able to fund another weekend. So, prayer and action required please.

Another area of concern is the availability of Music Imps. Are any of you hiding a musical talent under a bush. If so would you pray about offering your services as a Music Imp. I have heard some Cursillos’ have had to resort to CDs for music. I pray that it isn’t a direction we have to take.

Wishing you all every Blessings

Ultreya Sandra


Some of you attended the National Ultreya at York at the beginning of September.

It was well organised, it had laughter, singing & lifted our spirits.

A few people had lifted spirits in the pub, the night before, but that's another story.

We heard a witness talk with responses from the audience. And, there was an imaginary witness talk, from an imaginary Pilgrim, who had attended an imaginary Cursillo Weekend, in an imaginary Diocese, somewhere in deepest, darkest North Yorkshire. It was given in dialect, in a broad Yorkshire accent. Being Yorkshire, born & bred, I understood every word!

It was so funny, yet so poignant. I laughed so much that I hurt.

Back at home, it all made me think about the purpose of Cursillo, about 3 day Weekends, & about Ultreyas. What is Cursillo for, what's its purpose? From your own knowledge, a person leaves their own parish for a weekend, & they experience God, in familiar ways, & in new ways. They are surrounded with love, prayer, & faith.

They are well fed, & housed.

They attend talks (many talks!),

They sing a lot, then they sing more.

They laugh a lot!

They are surprised.

They receive cards from strangers.

They do artwork, the like of which they haven't done since they left school!

They attend services, every day.

They are given a faith booster, a shot in the arm.

And when they're tired out & exhausted, we send them home in a bemused, but often euphoric state. Many of us have experienced all that.

So, what is an Ultreya, what's its purpose? We know that "Ultreya" is a Spanish word, derived from the original Latin, meaning Onward! It was in common use by pilgrims to greet & to encourage one another along the way. Now we use the word to signify the meetings held after a Cursillo experience.

At an Ultreya, we try to create a happy & joyful atmosphere, where members can share their life experiences. It's usually based on the three tenets of Cursillo life: Prayer, Study and Action.

This sharing of our real-life experiences, serve as examples to all of us of the challenge which Jesus lays before His followers: "Go & do likewise."

The Ulyreya, as its name implies, is a call to move forward & to keep the flame of the Cursillo burning brightly.

We have Group Reunions, they are really Ultreyas, isn't that enough?

We have Diocesan Reunions, like this one, isn't that enough?

We have national Ultreyas, isn't that enough?

Sometimes, life is mundane, other times it's difficult, other times it is wonderful.

Sometimes, we need another faith booster, another shot in the arm.

The purpose of an Ultreya is to take us away from our everyday lives, to open ourselves up to God, so we can feel the wind of the Holy Spirit, blowing on our faith, livening it up, & making it glow brightly. We come along, meet other Cursillistas, we sing, laugh, attend a service of worship, eat & drink. Usually, there isn't any artwork!

So come to Ultreyas, whenever you can. As Paul said to the Philippians

“Rejoice in the Lord always; again I say, Rejoice”.

Be prepared to feel the wind of the Holy Spirit, welcome it, embrace it, let it glow in you, & through you. Let me tell you a story about Sufis.

The Sufis are an inner sect of the Muslim faith. A group of Sufi followers were despairing because their leader was about to die.

The leader's disciples asked the leader, “If you leave us, Master, how will we know what to do?”

The master replied, “I am nothing but a finger pointing at the moon. Perhaps, when I am gone you will see the moon.”

In Cursillo, we point people towards God, we help them to draw them nearer to God. But Cursillo itself should never be the centre of attention. In Cursillo Weekends, in Group reunions, in Ultreyas great & small, we seek to be bring people to joyful worship. We seek to help each other to rejoice in God. Today, we seek to renew our enthusiasm, to point each other to God, to rekindle our faith, to give & receive, a faith booster, another shot in the arm.

“Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, Rejoice.”


Winter Event

New Testament People

How well do you know them?

21 January

9.30 for 10.00 -15.00

The Edward King Centre

(Formally known as The Old Palace)

Bring & Share Lunch

Led by Jeff Wilson

Please let Angela Simcox know if you are going.

01158 748249 or


Dear Cursillistas,

None of us will forget our life changing Cursillo Weekend and it is important that we continue to offer this experience to future Cursillistas. We have continued to subsidize this weekend so that it is available to everyone, but this is depleting our bank balance. The Secretariat are looking to increase our income.

The weekend costs £6000 and we receive contributions of £3000 towards it, each pilgrim and member of staff paying £160.

To date our current bank balance will allow us to fund the weekend in 2017, but there will not be enough money to offer the 2018 weekend unless our income increases significantly.

The Secretariat continue to seek the best deal when booking a weekend. Also we are looking to see if the Diocese can help in any way, whilst we are maximizing funding via the gift aid system. We continue to receive generous donations from some wonderful people via standing orders and other contributions. Those others of us, are you able to increase your giving? We are now asking to consider completing a standing order, or making a one-off donation. There is also the idea that group reunions could consider sponsoring a pilgrim via donations, even if you haven’t got Pilgrim, fund raising etc. but of course, we are open to any other ideas you may have.

If you feel able to increase your regular giving or wish to now give by standing order, please contact me and I will let you have the appropriate forms.

We have faith that the Lord will provide and we ask that you pray for a solution

Ultreya !!

David Simcox Treasurer


As the publicity Rep for Cursillo I can promote Cursillo in 'Crosslinks' but am unable to visit individual benefices/deaneries. Can you help?

Please can you make sure (with the priest's permission) that your church/benefice has an up to date poster and a few 3 fold leaflets. These can be downloaded from the web page or contact me for a poster. Could you speck about Cursillo at your PCC or Deanery Synod meeting? A short 5 minute talk would perhaps be enough, get someone to help you.



The Spring 2016 edition is available from:


At the AGM on the 25 March the posts of Treasurer, 4th Day rep and Palanca Rep will become up for replacement and volunteers are needed. Can you help out? The jobs are not difficult or time consuming.

The Treasurer takes charge of all money received, encourages Cursillistas to donate regularly, maintains a book-keeping system, pays the bills & produces an Annual account for presenting at the AGM.

The 4th Day Rep welcomes with a letter new Cursillistas and checks with their sponsors that all is well, oversees that Ultreyas, Summer and Winter Events are being planned correctly and where appropriates takes bookings, and maintains a list of members in each Reunion Group

The Palanca Rep produces a palanca poster for sending by mail or email to other national Cursillo Weekends, liaises with reunion groups and/or the Imp Editor of where palanca has been sent, requests palanca for Lincoln’s weekends and receives and were necessary prints out electronically received palanca for Lincoln Cursillo. You will need to be reasonable able to produce palanca posters possible using Power Point, to send and receive emails, maintain an email address list and print pdf, word and jpeg pages.

Please consider applying for one of the posts prior to the AGM. All members of the Secretariat have to be checked out by the Safeguarding Co-Ordinator prior to appointment if you have not previously been checked. Names to either Sandra or Heather please.

You can check out the Job Descriptions at

(The Palanca Rep’s will be there when I produce it. Ed).


17th- 19th March 2017 at Oblate Centre, Crewe

If you are interested in attending a weekend please contact the BACC Rep Rosemary Spray

(see below) and she will make the necessary arrangements. Please don't contact the venue directly.

IONA 2017

Jacqui Morton is planning to travel to Iona again in 2017 to spend a week probably in June or July staying with the Iona Community at Iona Abbey. The cost of the stay at the Abbey is in the region of £380 which includes accommodation and all meals. The journey will cost about another £120, with an overnight stay in Oban on the way up. Jacqui needed to apply for a group booking last September giving 3 possible dates. However if you are interested in going then contact Jacqui on 01507 622639 or and she will see what she can do.


The following Weekends have been sent a Palanca Poster from Lincoln Cursillo.

Please support them with Palanca prayer.



3-6 November

South West Ladies Walk #12M

17-20 November

York #24

16-19 February

Sheffield #11

16-19 March

Ely #32

23-26 March

Norwich #9

M Methodist Church – Walk to Emmaus


Please order through Janet Shephardson.

7, Saddle Close, Goxhill, N. Lincs. DN19 7GB. Tel. 01469 530896.

Email to for an order form or

Go to


Lincoln Cursillo Facebook is a closed Group for members of Lincoln Cursillo.

If you wish to join the group please contact your Reunion Group Leader

or a member of the Secretariat and they will pass on the request.

Email Addresses

Did you notice that in the advert for the Winter Event that Angela Simcox has a new email address? All members of the secretariat have an email for the post. It’s what is called a redirect address. When you send an email to the appropriate address it is automatically redirected to the persons normal email address. It’s very useful for using in posters, websites such as our own or BACC’s were you need to show a post but not the name of the individual. Thus when the person changes there is no need to change the website. This is done in-house by the web editor.

Unfortunately we can’t send emails using these addresses and if you have received on and reply then that will be sent from your normal email address.

The email addresses are:

The Lincoln Cursillo website: includes

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Marilyn Reeve

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John Pollard

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Lincoln Cursillo Dates


14 January

9.30 for 10.00

– 12.30


Bailgate Methodist

21 January

9.30 for 10.00

– 15.00

Winter Event

Bring & Share Lunch

The Edward King Centre

11 March

9.30 for 10.00

– 12.30


Bailgate Methodist

17-19 March

CLW weekend

Oblate Centre Crewe

25 March

AGM & Ultreya


20 May

9.30 for 10.00

- 2.00pm

Lincoln #33 Training Day 1

Bailgate Methodist

? June

Summer Event


1 July

9.30 for 10.00

- 3.30pm

Lincoln #33 Training Day 2

Bishop Grosseteste

15 July

9.30 for 10.00

– 12.30


Bailgate Methodist

4-7 August

Lincoln #33

Bishop Grosseteste

19 August

What’s Next


2 September

National Ulterya


14 October




9.30 for 10.00

– 12.30


Bailgate Methodist

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