Lincoln #30
2 - 5 May 2014

  The Old Palace Lincoln
Dedicated to St. Christopher
Clausura at All Saints Nettleham


Life is made for learning
From a very early age
Stories from our parents
Help us to engage.

Life continues learning
We never know it all
And if we really think we do
We’re heading for a fall.

Life’s not just books and study
We meet it on the street
In people in adversity
And everyone we meet.

Life is in the sacraments
And life is in the park 
It’s in the song of skylarks 
And the silence of the dark.

If we turn to Jesus
And meet him where we are
By our daily studies
He will help us to go far.

St Thomas Decuria.  Lincoln Cursillo #30

British Anglican Cursillo ® in Lincoln Diocese. All items are copyright of Lincoln Anglican Cursillo or where named, of the originator.

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