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AGM 2016 LD report

Spiritual Directors Report

Winter Event


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AGM 2016 LD report

This past year since our last AGM, I seem to have spent a lot of time on admin for Cursillo, with much updating and re-shuffling of paperwork! As you know, Secretariat spent a day away at Stixwould discussing possible amendments to our Weekend programme. That led to discussion about the length of the “Way of the Cross” presentation, and amendments to that were agreed at our Secretariat meeting just last week. Then followed an audit of all the Weekend boxes and equipment, including that of the Rector’s Imp and Palanca Imp, to try to share out the problem of storage! This then led to new lists of “Who Has What?” I also asked each Group Convenor and Secretariat member to update the manuals associated with their post, not least to aid the transfer of information when it comes the time for those holding the posts to hand on the baton!

This last month I have tried, myself, to sort out the Lay Director manual before handing it over to Sandra! This has reminded me that we have had a long and frustrating time trying to update some of our BACC resource leaflets, but at last this seems to be being dealt with. I was also reminded that during this last year we have “lost” our West Norfolk reunion group to Norwich Cursillo. However, we have also formed a new group, based at Bourne. At present it is small but beautiful!

2016 began with a splendid Winter Event, looking at the use of labyrinths as an aid in our discipleship journeys. The notion of Pilgrimage has become important to me personally, during the last three years, and it was an especial joy to be part of the group who travelled to Santiago de Compostela. The post of Lay Director has been a journey of surprises, frustrations and obstacles, but also blessing and encouragement, with many special moments both experiencing and sharing the love of God in very meaningful ways. When I agreed to take on the role you may remember how nervous I was, as I did not see myself as a natural leader. That song – “I have heard you calling in the night,” – used to be quite a challenge for me as rather a reticent person! However, it was when I realised that it said “I will go Lord, if you LEAD me,” and not “if you SEND me,” that I was able to put my hand into the hand of God and say “yes!” And of course God has honoured Lincoln Cursillo by accompanying me on the journey, enabling me to do all I have needed to do, and to delegate what was truly out of my comfort zone or natural abilities! Secretariat meetings have been special in that each member has contributed to my journey in ways that have helped me grow as a disciple of Christ. Apart from those elected at the same AGM as I was, in 2013, other roles have seen changes in personnel, and each member has been unique and valuable.

Yes - the three years have been a blessing for me, and I hope and pray that the love and fellowship we feel within Lincoln Cursillo will keep on growing and developing. I apologise for the mistakes I have made, but thank you for your ongoing trust and support.

As I hand over to Sandra I would urge her to keep in mind that it is God’s work, and to let Him lead her. I know she will!

So let us all journey on together in Cursillo, as we seek to serve the Lord Jesus through Prayer, Study and Action!

Ultreya! Liz

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Spiritual Directors Report

It's thanks to …..

First of all, thanks to all of you who came to the AGM at Woodhall Spa. We began with an uplifting Eucharist at which Revd. Bob Barrett presided. Thank you Bob.

The afternoon continued with a Bring & Share lunch which was to say the least very filling! Thank you, Cursillistas, for the food we shared, & as usual there was plenty left over.

Several members made tea & coffee, & washed up afterwards, so thank you to those who

“did their bit” in the kitchen. Revd Richard Spray brought his guitar & led us in a worship song, which was enjoyed by all.

The AGM meeting began, chaired by Liz Lilley for the last time in her current stint as Lay Director. Liz has worked tirelessly during her term of office & we thank her for her great contribution to Lincoln Cursillo. Stuart & Lesley Duff stood down from their duties as Weekend Reps. They have stored & transported boxes of equipment to & from Cursillo weekends, attended Secretariat meetings & more, all as their contribution to our movement. Thank you Stuart & Lesley for your hard work.

In the morning of that same Saturday, the team who will staff the weekend of Lincoln Cursillo #32 in June, met for the first training day. That team has been selected under its team leader, the Lay Rector, Gillian Padley. Each member was allocated their duties and their responsibilities. Lincoln #32 will be held at a new venue since Edward King Centre is no longer available. It will be at Bishop Grosseteste University in Lincoln. Thank you to those team members for accepting the invitation. The new venue will bring changes & challenges as the team deliver the programme in a place where the locations for worship, residence, dining & giving the talks are not close together.

All in all that's a lot of thanks & they are well deserved. There are those who I haven't mentioned & thanked, but I do thank you & thank God for you all. Lincoln Cursillo is completely run by volunteers. This is not at just the Three Day Weekends, but all the events during the year, run by Reunion Groups & by the Secretariat. This is part of “our duty & our joy” to serve God by serving his people. Cursillo changes lives, it also enhances our lives, physically, mentally & spiritually. Cursillo gives a sense of belonging to something greater than our ourselves. Cursillo is a gift to individuals, to parish clergy & to Lincoln Diocese. Cursillo surprises people with the outpouring of God's love during the Three Day Weekend.

As Cursillistas, we are disciples, so I ask you to pray for the team and for the Pilgrims, in the coming weeks. During the weekend itself, from June 17 th to 20th, please continue to pray that they may experience the love of God in new ways. Pray that they will come to realisation of their part in the life of the universal church, to fulfil God's plan for his creation.

Lastly, I pray for you all as members of Lincoln Diocesan Cursillo, as Cursillistas.

May God be with you & with those whom you love, today & all days.

As Dickens' “Tiny Tim” says “God bless us, each and every one.”


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Once again the day offered by Lincoln Cursillo was both informative and spiritual. Revd Mike Burston-Thomas spoke to us about using a Labyrinth. He brought several with him, two were large ones that spread over the floor of the hall, one of which we were encouraged to use, whilst others were hand held labyrinths that you traced with your finger.

We listened to an explanation of the background and use of a labyrinth which date back to medieval times, being found all over Europe. They are constructed by cutting away the ground surface to leave turf ridges and shallow trenches, the convoluted pattern of which produces a single pathway which leads to the centre of the design. Most were30-60 feet (9-18m) in diameter, circular with some square or polygonal examples. Use of them enables meditation, maybe to think on a problem or for a closer walk with God. The slow walk along the pathway, with stops when so desired, brings a calming of the soul.

There are a few remaining medieval labyrinths over most of the U.K., one being at Alkborough, Lincolnshire, at the confluence of the Humber river and the Trent. New ones are being constructed in places such as local parks allowing public access and retreat places.

The hand held labyrinth that Mike brought along I found to be a powerful aid to meditation too. Using the finger to slowly and gently trace the pathway, allowing your mind to shed itself of crowded thoughts, enables God to speak.

Although I had known about labyrinths I hadn't really bothered to dig any deeper, to my detriment and am so appreciative of the chance to be properly introduced to this effective method of meditation. I am also grateful to Cursillo for yet another chance to deepen my faith at the same time as enjoying the fellowship of like minded people. God is indeed good to us. 

Angela Simcox

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In June 2003 I produced The Imp Sheet #35 and after 13 years have produced 52. This means that this issue #85 should be #86. We can only assume that at some time there was an issue with the previous issue number!! But apart from that one of the duties that the editor has is to be co-opted onto the Secretariat. I guess after 13 years and using a parliamentary term this makes me the Father of the Secretariat! Numerous faces have come and gone and some just keep returning again and again.

We meet four times a year usually, though not always, on a Saturday morning. There’s plenty of tea/coffee and biscuits. The other week there was even scones with cream and jam. On the serious side there are decisions to be discussed and decided upon but the morning passes quickly with the humour and camaraderie that is infectious in Cursillo. Perhaps it’s he, who’s really in charge way of easing the loads from our shoulders. Most of the duties of the secretariat demand minimal daily activity with some peaking when there is a Weekend or an Ultreya. These days with the electronic means of communication a considerable amount of work is undertaken by email and all members of the Secretariat are kept up to date with what is happening. The Imp Sheet #35 had the names of 12 Cursillistas who had an email addresses!! Now I doubt if there are that number who don’t have an email address.

Before you can be nominated for a post on the Secretariat there has to be a Safeguarding Check. This is undertaken outside of the secretariat and only the LD and the Safeguarding Officer know that they are taking place. The duties of members of the Secretariat only last for 3 years and then the mantel of that post is passed on to someone else. That is if you’re not the SD or a co-opted on member!! So if you are interested in taking up one of the posts that come available in March each year look out and be ready to volunteer. You won’t regret it.

John Pollard

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