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Lay Director's Report
Spiritual Directors Report

The Lincoln Group Reunion group retreat at Mirfield


Norwich Anglican Cursillo

Leicester Cursillo comes of age !

'Fear not, for I am have redeemed you; I have called you by name, you are mine.When you pass through the waters I will be with you; and when you walk through fire, the flame shall not consume you. For you are precious in my eyes, and honoured, and I love you.'says the Lord.Is.43:1-4

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Lay Director's Report

AGM 2015


What a difference a year makes!

This time last year I was juggling two hats – that of Lay Director and Lay Rector! It was all a bit hectic, but we got there! #30 was both a joy and a privilege, and I just about got the 2 hats in the right order at the Clausura!   

This time last year I was facing with trepidation all the Safeguarding issues we had to work through. Again, all a bit hectic, but we eventually got there! Suffice it to say in this report as Lay Director that our Lincoln Cursillo Safeguarding Policy is now in place, with the blessing of the Diocesan Safeguarding Advisor. Hopefully today we will be able to appoint a Safeguarding Officer to our Secretariat.  

This time last year I expressed my concern that we were not clear in our thinking about the difference between Servant Community and the Secretariat within our Movement. Thanks to a wonderful Training Event in January of this year this has become untangled. What a privilege to have both our BACC President and National Spiritual Director with us for that session, as well as to celebrate with us the 20th Anniversary of Cursillo’s inauguration within the Lincoln Diocese!


This time last year we were still at the planning stages for our promotional DVD. Following the AGM David Simcox mentioned to me in passing that his son Adam was a professional in this field, and the wheels were set in motion for Adam to work with us on this important project. What a wonderful resource has been produced! Please remember to USE it! Show it to friends, and at meetings within your parish and deanery. Be brave! I am so pleased that today it looks as though we will be voting on to Secretariat a new Publicity Rep to help us promote Cursillo in our diocese even more.   We were sorry that David McCormick had to stand down as our Spiritual Director during the year. We benefitted enormously from his ministry to and with us for over 2 years. However, we were pleased to welcome Jeff Wilson on board. We have already enjoyed his input, and he is raring to go with ideas to help us in the administration of Cursillo within the diocese. My commissioning as Lay Director alongside Jeff’s as Spiritual Director by Bishop Christopher was a first for our diocese, and felt truly significant.   

I would like to register my thanks to everyone who has served on Secretariat this year. Like any good team we are a mixed bunch, but our meetings are always fruitful, based on mutual love and respect as fellow pilgrims along the way. I have learnt the importance of accepting help when I have needed it, due to lack of personal skills in a particular area, or just a lack of time or energy, so thank you team! I shall miss Jude greatly, as she comes to the end of her term of office as our Secretary. She has had a difficult year in many ways, and yet has always shared of herself, and kept me sane on more than one occasion! Thank you, Jude.

This coming year I will benefit from having our new Diocesan Lay Director Elect on board. Cursillo is a dynamic movement and we should keep on journeying on. During the past year my visits to the various Reunion Groups around the diocese have continued, and I am still wow-ed by the loving reception I receive every time! My thanks go to the various Group Convenors. Thank you all for your enthusiasm and open-ness within the groups. Please continue to make your Reunion Groups a priority. However, numbers attending Diocesan Ultreyas and our Summer Events remain disappointingly low. We clearly need to alter the format and/or the venues of all of these. Please be in prayer alongside your Secretariat about this. Please discuss them in your reunion groups and report back your thoughts. 

May God continue to bless and encourage us through Cursillo! 


 Liz x 

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Spiritual Directors Report 

Well, what do you know ! 

As I write, I am looking forward to attending a Cursillo Leaders Workshop at Shallowford House near Stone in Staffordshire. I've received my directions to the venue, and a timetable. Although the programme seems pretty full, what do you know! there's an hour off on Saturday afternoon! There are ten talks, discussion groups and worship every day. Does that sound familiar? I don't know what the content of the talks will be, but I hope to learn a lot. There may be some things I already know and more that I don't know.

In the Acts of the Apostles, St. Paul found idols, shrines and altars to many 'deities'. There was even one to an unknown god. Paul told the people that what they worship as unknown was known to him, and he proclaimed the Lord our God to them.

Donald Rumsfeld was the U.S. Secretary for Defence in 2002. He said :-

“Reports that say something hasn't happened are always interesting to me, because as we know, there are known knowns: there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns: that is to say, we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns: the ones we don't know we don't know. And if one looks throughout the  history of our country and other free countries, it is in the latter category that tend to be the difficult ones.'  

Wow! That sounds like something Nigel Hawthorne might say in his role as Sir Humphrey in the TV programme 'Yes, Minister'. 

One thing I do know, is that on Saturday April 11th, we had our Lincoln Cursillo AGM and Ulyreya at Woodhall Spa. As usual we started with a Eucharist at 12 noon in the beautiful St. Peter's Church. It is large, well appointed, light and warm. We were also given a warm welcome by the Verger & Churchwarden. Adjoining the church is the church hall, where we had our bring and share lunch in a happy, relaxed atmosphere. The business of the AGM was concluded with time for our Ultreya, then time to say goodbye before going our separate ways. There were more Cursillistas there than at the last AGM, but there was room for many more.

We really do want to encourage more people to attend Diocesan events. This is why the venue was chosen, because it is central in the diocese, so as to make it easier for those who live near to the county borders. 

What do we know about the effects of Cursillo to our lives? It does affect almost everyone who attends the three day short course. The effects stretch into our Fourth Day, but it does need the encouragement we get from attending Group Reunions and Diocesan Events. 

Have you heard the story of the man who stopped going to church?

He used to go nearly every Sunday. The Vicar noticed the man hadn't been in church for a while, but he did miss the occasional service, so his absence wasn't immediately noticed. The Vicar asked the churchwardens, who said he hadn't been for a while. They added that they'd heard he was a bit depressed.

The Vicar decided to visit the man later that evening. He knocked on the door. Eventually it was opened by the man, who looked at him, said nothing, just turned & went inside, leaving the door open.

The Vicar followed him inside & found him sat by the fire staring into the coals. He sat down in the other chair, said nothing, & also stared into the coals. Time passed without either saying anything. Suddenly, a coal dropped out of the fire, & lay glowing on the hearth. It began to lose heat, & the glow began to fade. The Vicar picked up the fire tongs, replaced the coal in the fire where it began to glow again.

There was a pause, then the man looked at the Vicar & said “OK, I'll be in church on Sunday.”

Together we glow better, and together we grow better. Do come to the next event.  

As Dickens' “Tiny Tim” says   “God bless us, each and every one.”      


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The Lincoln Group Reunion group retreat at Mirfield

At one of our reunion meetings Paul suggested we might like to go on a retreat – we all said “Yes please!”  “Perhaps we’d see if we could go to Mirfield.”  “Yes please!”   “Maybe we’d ask Peter Godden if he would come back and lead it for us.”  “Yes please!”   So that was that.Seven of us met up with Peter at the House of the Resurrection one Sunday in time for tea on an afternoon in April and from that moment on our lives slowed down to the tranquil pace of life in a monastery.   Our time alternated between the church for the daily offices, the refectory for bodily sustenance and quiet thought – oh yes, and the room set aside for us where Peter talked with us about the prayers which meant a lot to him.   

No-one rushed and, after observing silence from Compline until after Peter’s talk next morning, no-one wanted to talk much either! I woke early the first morning and as I lay in bed I felt the silence lying deeply over the whole building, and as I revelled in it a blackbird outside the window burst into song.   My first thought was “No-one told him to be quiet”, then on opening the curtains and seeing the dew on the ground, I suddenly felt that the hymn ‘Morning has broken’ had a far deeper significance than the rather twee children’s song that I’d always regarded it.   This incident set the tenor of the rest of our stay.  

All walked slowly and thoughtfully through the long silent corridors to the church at the other end of the building.   The unhurried plain chant of the psalms, observing long pauses between and within each verse, gave time for it to sink in.  (When I got home the daily prayer in our church seemed to go at breakneck speed in contrast)!   The buffet-style breakfast which followed was also in silence (what a relief from the polite ‘Did you sleep well?’ sort of conversation usual in these circumstances!)   There are no words to convey the inner calm the absence of noise induced.   I had taken ‘something to do’ with me but never touched it!The House is set on a fairly steep hillside in a large garden with a woodland walk leading to the quarry, a Calvary garden next to the monks’ cemetery, an apple orchard and an ample number of benches on which to sit and let the love of God embrace us.   The sun shone, the birds sang, bees buzzed among the flowers and squirrels played in the treetops; plenty of God’s creation to lead our thoughts to our Heavenly Father.   Then, when our senses were sated it was time for church again and the next Office. 

I could have stayed there forever!   But, alas, all good things come to an end.   After our third night, one last Morning Prayer, breakfast and Peter’s talk, it was time to return to Lincolnshire and face daily life again. 

Thank you Paul for arranging it all.  

Thank you Peter for your wise and spiritual guidance. 

Thank you to the monks for your hospitality and warm welcome.  

Thank you God for this spiritual experience.


Margaret Parker 

Saturday 5 September 2015


The Blackburn Cursillo Community is eagerly looking forward to giving a warm Lancashire welcome to Cursillistas from across the nation travelling in to Blackburn next September. 

The whole day’s programme will take place in the Cathedral itself. 

Registration from 8am in the Cathedral’s south transept with tea, coffee and biscuits. Cathedral café will also be open to serve breakfast from 8am. No need to book or prepay.

Singing to gather with the Music Group 

Morning session – 10.00 am – 12.30pm Ultreya Meeting 


Lunch – as the Cathedral is situated in Blackburn town centre, there are plenty of options for lunch. However the licensed Cathedral café will be available subject to pre-booking and prepayment – see the Registration Form for further details. 

2.30pm Eucharist.

Celebrant:   The Right Reverend Julian Henderson, Bishop of Blackburn

Preacher:     The Right Reverend Geoff Pearson, Bishop of Lancaster 

4pm The Cathedral Café will serve a 2 course meal, subject to pre-booking and prepayment. see the Registration Form for further details. 

Accommodation in Blackburn town centre is limited.  There is a Premier Inn by junction 4 of the M65, and others close to other motorway junctions which are only minutes from Blackburn on the motorway network, namely:- 

Preston South Premier Inns (both Craven Drive and Cuerden Way) situated by the M6/M65 junction, Preston East Premier Inn by junction 31A of the M6, and Chorley North by junction 8 of the M61. 

For those travelling by train, the Preston Central Premier Inn is within walking distance of Preston railway station and Blackburn railway station is also situated close to the cathedral. 

In addition some Cursillistas in various locations across the diocese have offered to open up their homes for overnight accommodation for Friday 4 September and/or Saturday 5 September. If you prefer this option, kindly contact David Riding – email: 

If you are interested in going the registration form can be downloaded from. 

No parking around the Cathedral but see link below for a map of carparks in Blackburn.

Council car parks are free on Saturday.

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Will be holding their ULTREYA

for the very first time in Norwich Cathedral 


13th June 2015


followed by a

‘Bring and Share Lunch’

 in The Cloisters 

Please Come and Join Us 

Numerous car parks and a park and ride system.

Leicester Anglican Cursillo invites

the UK Cursillo Family and friends to

 our cathedral to celebrate our

21st Birthday

Saturday 20 June 2015. 

The Eucharist will be celebrated at 2pm

by Rt Revd Christopher Boyle 

We also have the sole use of the Cathedral Gardens from Midday for a picnic.

The White Rose Café, located in St Martins House is next door to the Cathedral.

Check out car parks as some are expensive.

There is a park and ride system.

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